Google Analyticator

The first WordPress plugin to display Google Analytics straight on the dashboard.

  • Simple Setup

    With a couple of clicks your website will be linked with you Google Analytics account. No messing around with javascript.

  • Analytics Panel

    Google Analytics data displayed on your dashboard including: Usage stats, top pages, referrers and top searches.

  • Universal Analytics

    We support both Traditional and the new Universal analytics. Link/event tracking, remarketing, demographic and interest reporting.

  • Content Experiments

    Run Google content experiments from inside WordPress, the experiments results are visible on the dashboard. Lean more.

Downloads so far, we are so proud!

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Sharing The Love

  • Comprehensive features and perfect execution. Gives you almost complete control over the GA code, but doesn't require you to spend ages messing around, if you don't want to.

    Adam Ainsworth
  • This came back just when I needed it! Now I can show Google stats right on the dashboard for my clients. Much more relevant for them than WordPress new feeds! Works great in combo with White Label CMS, too! Thanks again!

  • My client's weren't logging into their Google Analytics for their site because it overwhelmed them. They said all they need was the basics. However most of my clients do log into their WP Admin to do an occasional post or change an expiration date on a coupon or something. Having Analytics stats displayed right on the WP Dashboard is exactly what the doctor ordered and it work perfectly. These guys at Analyticator have done a great job on this plugin.

    Mike C

Ready to rock?

Go to the plugins section in your WordPress site and click add new. Type "Google Analyticator" into the search box and you are good to go. Or you can download here: